pears from the supermarket

Organ­ic veg­eta­bles in the super­mar­ket are unfor­tu­nate­ly still main­ly packed in plas­tic. Plas­tic sal­ad bowls for 100 g let­tuce leaves or 3 tbsp pulsed pome­gran­ate seeds. The whole then again with foil cov­ered. One could cry. Or go to the mar­ket and pack the veg­eta­bles direct­ly into the bag you brought with you. But for it is not every day time and/or is not every day mar­ket time.

After all, we con­sumers have already man­aged to get super­mar­kets to offer organ­i­cal­ly grown prod­ucts. Now all we have to do is leave plas­tic prod­ucts behind so that the chains get the mes­sage. They won’t fig­ure it out on their own. 

They react to us. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it’s only the mon­ey that counts — and now, in the cri­sis, it’s all the more notice­able. I was very hap­py when I found this pear pack­age in the super­mar­ket at the week­end. Packed by a Ham­burg veg­etable dis­trib­u­tor. Nei­ther plas­tic net & nor plas­tic tray. How great!!! A small start- but maybe soon quite big….